terça-feira, 25 de março de 2014

Dinosaur... Aaaaaaaaaaarrrrgh

This is my pullip ddalgi modeling one of my experiences ^^. The story about this outfit started last year. My sister decided to order a select pullip doll for her and two addicional dolls, for me and my other sister. With her purchase, Pullip Style offered a Paja's dinosaur outfit for my sister (nice :D) while we talked happily about our new dolls, they asked me if I could make an outfit like that. My answer obviously was "Challenge accepted" :D And I really made the outfit in a few days... but ( there's always a but :P) I'm always lazy to sew snaps (as usually *roll eyeballs*), And that's why only today I finished this costume...  (The shame, Jackie! How could you?) Anyway, it's finally finished haha :D

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